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Real wood

Real performance


The feature list is long, but here is a few of the biggest technical advantages



Every aquillo One comes with a particle sensor that can be placed either in hte back of the purifier or plugged in to a usb plug or 220v power plug anywhere within your wifi coverage. This sensor will inform the purifier about the pollution levels of your home. The purifier will then decide what is needed to be done to lower the levels to the target you have set. Additional sensors can be purchased to cover more rooms. We also offer formaldehyde and CO2 sensing addon if specified when ordering the purifier or extra sensors.

Superior airflow


We use an extremely large fan in the aquillo One, this makes it possible to achieve very high air flow at very low sound levels, but it also enables the purifier to run at an extreme flow rate above 2000M3 / hour if you need to do some extreme cleaning. The fan system uses an own motor control design to eliminate as much of the motor noise as possible so you only need to hear a slight breeze rushing thru the filters. 

AI & computer learning


When it comes to brains, the aquillo One is superior to basically any airpurifier out there, even small laptops have to get out of the way next to the the computing power of the purifier. All this intelligense is used to learn your daily patterns and accommodate precleaning and adaption of cleaning patterns to your lifestyle. Over the first weeks you will not notice anything, but then slowly the aquillo One will start to pick up your patterns and apply a new behavior to suit your needs.