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aquillo One, Built from laminated walnut wood, Purifies up to 100M3 and includes an aquillo Sensor


aquillo One, Built from laminated ash wood, Purifies up to 100M3 and includes an aquillo Sensor


aquillo Sensor

aquillo external sensor. Featuring PM2.5, Formaldehyde, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure and motion sensing.



aquillo One:
Airflow: 500-2000 m3/h
Noise level: 32-63dB
Watts: 15-250W
Screen: 7”
Sensor: pm2.5, Formaldehyde
Connections: WiFi, BLE, USB (e.g. for external ethernet)

Fresh air add on:
Additional CO2 sensor included in the External sensor and a connection tube for connection to outside air, must be selected at purchase.

External Sensor:
Sensors: pm1.0, pm2.5, pm10, Formaldehyde, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, Pressure.
Power: USB 5v 0.5A
Connections: WiFi, BLE

Why wood? 
The Danish words trivsel and velvære loosely translate to “equilibrium” and “wellbeing.” These are the themes behind aquillo and the development of aquillo air.

Our decision to use wood was deliberate, as wood promotes warmth, beauty, and calmness. It also brings a look and feel much closer to the nature. With its curved wood housing, aquillo air was designed to find balance in any space and integrate seamlessly in all surroundings. The walnut and ash color options complement the product’s immersive, sophisticated look.

Furthermore, the decision of using wood housing was developed through a sustainable approach. Known as a 100% renewable material, wood is naturally recyclable and biodegradable. Wood products also have a low carbon footprint and generate fewer greenhouse gas during production. In addition to reinforcing our commitment to the environment, aquillo air helps to address air pollution from the production and future disposal stages.

The intersection of function and design
As a smart device, function is always our primary purpose. 
aquillo One is designed to bring reliability, simplicity, peace of mind, and clean air into your home or office. 

Instead of placing a smart sensor inside the unit, aquillo air comes with an external sensor that can be placed anywhere in the space where air quality reading and adjustment are desired. This feature creates flexibility and ensures clean air anywhere within reach.

What aquillo One will do for you
aquillo One will run automatically once it connects to Wifi. If you have multiple aquillo air cleaners, they will run together as a system based on the air quality in the vicinity. 
To achieve your desired air quality, aquillo air regulates the fan speed based on the pollution levels detected by the external sensor. When the air is clean, it quiets down and stays in power-saving mode. The product automatically monitors the filter efficiency and will alert you when a new filter is needed.